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Originally Posted by TreeLeafe View Post
Ok so I've looked through the deck. The artwork is so beautiful but wow how limiting these cards are.

I've chosen to remove the following cards
Body Changes
Dietary Change
Family Changes
Adult Children
Health-Care Change
New Exercise Program
New Career
Self Employment
Parental Care

I've also removed the following but may add them back in as I may be able to have them work for those who aren't in the age group this deck was marketed for.
Retirement (Might be able to view the card as a sign to "retire" from something)
Gracefully Aging (This card could represent something getting better with time)
Volunteer (I may use this card as a message to speak up and take an opportunity)

It's a nice deck visually but removing as many cards as I did and how focused this deck is on changes for older people kinda ruins the beauty of the artwork. Not to mention I caught the same image reused three times (Sobriety, Parental Care, Hobbies).

So I'll probably pull this deck out on the rare occasion, but in hindsight it's not worth purchasing.
well I an older lady but I am not interested in many of those areas so I almost bought it but I did not.
If you are interested in a butterfly oracles check out Butterfly Visions oracle deck by Jeri Totten Designs
while they are more costly they seem like a good deck.
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