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I know what an Oracle is from a Delphic point of view but I'm sorry to say that - for me - the word Oracle has become so soiled that I simply cannot use it for something that I love.

The word Oracle has been reappropriated for the feel-good "no, he'll-love-you-forever-no-he-won't-leave-you"" school of fortune telling. Lenormand is so much cleverer than that. The word Oracle has distasteful angelic or goddess connotations. Oracles are decks of cards that tell me everything is just going to be fine and so it's not a word I'm comfortable using anymore.

It's entirely self-inflicted - the oracle industry (and my god it feels like one) has brought it upon itself but I can't take the word "Oracle" seriously anymore.

I know I am alone in the world on this one but I don't care but -no - Lenormand isn't Oracle for me (technically or otherwise). Nor is Kipper or Those Hungarian / Biedemeier / charming East European cartomantic decks. Different echelon. Sorry...
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