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I currently have:

-Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot, by Rachel Pollack
-Tarot for Self-Discovery, by Nina Lee Braden
-Tarot for Your Self, By Mary Greer
-The Goddess Tarot Workbook, by Kris Waldherr
-Complete Book of Tarot Spreads, by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig
-The Gendron Tarot, by Melanie Gendron
-The I Ching-The Book of Changes, translated by James Legge (Okay not really a Tarot book, but I bought it to give me more info in the I-Chings featured in my Haindl deck)
-The Haindl Tarot-The Minor Arcana, by Rachel Pollack
-The Haindl Tarot-The Major Arcana, by Rachel Pollack
-Haindl Tarot-a Readerís Handbook, by Rachel Pollack
-Tarot for Your Self-a Workbook for Personal Transformation, by Mary K. Greer
-The Loverís Path Tarot, by Kris Waldherr
-Tarot Shadow Work, Using the Dark Symbols to Heal, by Christine Jette
-A Magical Course in Tarot, by Michelle Morgan
-Understanding the Tarot Court, bu Mary K. Greer and Tom Little
-The Wheel of Change Tarot, by Alexandra Genetti
-The Ancestral Path Tarot, by Tracy Hoover
-The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot), by Aleister Crowley
-Tarot for Self Discovery, by Nina Lee Braden
-The Crowley Tarot-the Handbook to the Cards, by Aaron-Hajo Banzhaf
andThe Forest of Souls, by Rachel Pollack

The only two I have not yet gotten around to reading are: Tarot and Individuation-Correspondences with Cabala and Alchemy and The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot).

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