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Once past the term descriptions

There are long sections full of calculations. Unfortunately these use strange names and terminology, none of which I could follow


"Hadrian year 4, Mechir 13 (in the Alexandrian calendar), the
first hour of the night. The full years of the Augustan era are 148, the leap
years are 36, and from Thoth 1 to Mechir 13 are 163 days. The total is 347. I
divide by 7 for a result of 49, remainder 4. Starting from the Sun’s day, the
count (4) comes to Mercury’s day. The first hour of that day belongs to

So I skipped all of this.

Sections 21 and 22 detail the effects of dual and triple combinations of the planets (I take this to mean these effects potentially manifest when two planets are present in the same sign/house.

Some combinations are missing (at least in my copy) e.g: Mars + Sun, Mars +Moon

For flavor

"Mars + Venus = at odds. Make men unsteady and weak of mind. Cause rivalry and murder, cause men to have many friends, but to be blameworthy, shameless, fickle, and equally prone to intercourse with men or women, to be maliciouus and plotters of murderers by poison. Cause men neither to be good or bad, to be slandered and reviled because of their friendships, to be spendthrift, be flitting from one occupation to the other, to be eager for many things, to be wronged by women and because of them to suffer, crises, upsets, debts,
and a three planet combination

Saturn, Venus, and the Moon bring vicissitudes and instability of life, especially with respect to wife, mother, and children. They impose bad manners,ingratitude, as well as jealousy and quarrels, divorces, censure, public
exposure, unnatural vices. But in business these men are not without resource, sharp, full of accomplishment, profiting from legacies. They do not however retain this wealth, since they are plotted against by many, and are themselves accomplices in crime and murder by poison, as well as seducers of women.
Again, not sure what to do with all this yet. I suppose the practical thing to do is to refer to these descriptions when encountering such combinations in natal horoscopes and see if these drastic possibilities actually manifest.

For now moving on. The next two sections have more incomprehensible calculations. Skipped. End of Book 1.

Book 2, on a quick skim seems to be more about analysis of nativities, with example horoscopes. Should be more tractable. We'll see.
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