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Originally Posted by RohanMenon
PS: Interesting that Valens begins his analysis with Sect Leader and its triplicity lords rather than the usual (these days) Domicile Lord of the Ascendant.
Actually he started by determining whether the chart is Diurnal or Nocturnal and from that whether the Sun or the Moon is the Predominator. Although this might seem an obvious simple step, later on you will realise that it's not quite as clear as it might seem - for example times when both Sun and Moon are below the horizon. It's clear whether it's a Diurnal or Nocturnal chart, but is the Moon still the Predominator? Other times are just before Sunrise or just before/after Sunset. and the Moon not risen or about to set as well. You will probably see various combinations, where it's not clear which is the Predominator. Porphyry and others provide a set of rules to decide.

Once you have the Predominator, you need to know which triplicity it's in (and indeed which Bounds or Confines it's in). The Trigons were given more importance than in the later tradition and certainly more importance than they are today, where the only thing they're used for is element analysis. The Trigons are the winds, which blow our ship through life, either towards our goals or away from them. Again later on you will find the Lords used to say something about the quality of our lives.

On your last question about whether they are in their own sign by Domicile or by Trigon, I think Valens is more concerned with their placement by Trigon. Although Venus rules Libra by Domicile, Venus is a nocturnal planet and has no Trigon rulership in the Gemini/Libra/Aquarius Trigon. If Venus is placed in Libra, she's in an alien or foreign Trigon.

That is difficult to grasp as we are so used to identifying Venus with Libra but here I think two different approaches to assessing the planets are meeting and not yet sitting comfortably together. Unlike the Medieval system, the Trigons are not subordinate to the Domiciles, there's no scoring as in Lilly. Domicile rulership is by Valens time the most used, but it's not yet explicitly rated as the top of the pyramid of essential dignity.
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