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And finally a general rule from Valens

"It is best if the stars of the day sect are found at angles in their own triangles or in operative places; the same is true for the stars of the night sect. If they are in other triangles or in the opposite sect, prosperity will be less and will subject to anxiety"

In other words, ideally, every planet should be angular, or in operative places (see two distinct definitions by Minderwiz above, For now, I'll go with operative place == any house other than 2 6 8 12).

"Their own triangles" in a sign where they are a ruler (ideally primary or helper) of the triplicity of that sign.

So Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces ... etc. Interesting to note that both angular *and* ruling the sign triplicity is hard (Impossible?) to achieve for all seven planets.

Analyzing my horoscope (Gemini rising) by this rule I get
Sun in Sagittarius, angular, rules triplicity
Moon in Libra, succedent, does not rule its sign's triplicity.
Mercury in Sagittarius, angular, does not rule its sign's triplicity
Venus in Capricorn, cadent, rules its triplicity
Mars in Pisces, angular, rules its triplicity (secondary triplicity ruler)
Jupiter in Sagittarius, angular, rules its triplicity (secondary ruler)
Saturn in Taurus, cadent, does not rule its sign's triplicity

so by *this* measure, the Sun, Jupiter and Mars are the positive planets in my horoscope (both angular and triplicity lord), and Mercury, and Venus are intermediate. (one of angular or rules triplicity), Moon is a step lower (does not rule triplicity, only succedent) and Saturn is terribly placed (cadent, no triplicity rulership of sign) ,

So ranking planets from best to worst (using both triplicity, angularity, and operative places) we have

Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Saturn.

Interesting way to get a quick overview of the horoscope, especially since we use the triplicity rulers, not the (more common these days) domicile rulers.
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