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So if I understand you correctly,

given (say) Sagittarius, the primary Triplicity Lord is the Sun, the 'successor' is Jupiter and the 'helper' is also Jupiter? Ok in which case the paragraph makes sense. I assumed that the third triplicity Lord had the role of 'helper' with the first or second (day or night) ruler taking the primary role.

Hmm I should re read then, but if three words (assistant, helper, successor) refer to the night triplicity lord for day births, and day triplicity lord for night births, then Valens writing makes sense, and he doesn't refer to the third triplicity lord (here Saturn) at all.

The 'chariot' analogy is also very interesting. Wow, never heard that before. (note to self: look into helacal rising and setting)

Ok, I'll re read and re analyze.

thank you Minderwiz. As always, very edifying comments.
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