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Originally Posted by RohanMenon
The next section deals with the Part of Fortune. After learning that, I'll take 2 or 3 horoscopes and run them against the framework delineated above. (+ the PoF material). Nothing like evaluating concrete horoscopes to check understanding.
Good idea, but remember that Valens hasn't got round to dealing with the Places (and therefore the Lord of the Ascendant). I referred to the Places in my previous post but, to be honest, I had to think whether they should be referred to at that point. My feeling was that Valens had indirectly referred to them, so it was valid to consider them.

So whilst you can have a look at the Triplicity rulers and the Lot of Fortune, (and it's best to keep to Valens' terminology - it's a Lot, not a Part), there's still an awful lot missing (pardon the pun) from a full delineation of a birth chart. So don't expect other than a bare outline of the life progress of the native.
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