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Section 20: The Exaltation of the Sun and Moon and their effects on Prosperity.

Here Valens tells us how to calculate two more lots - The Exaltations of the Sun and Moon.

As I understand it (from reading about these on the internet) only one of these is actually calculated for each chart. The distance from the Sect Light to its exaltation degree is added to the ascendant.

Thus in my chart for example

ASC at 24 Gemini, Sun at 26 Sagittarius. Diurnal.

The distance from Sect Light (Sun, since I was born in the day) to its exaltation (19 Aries) is 123 degrees.Add this to the Ascendant and we get 27 degrees Libra, which is my Lot of Exaltation (of the Sun). Interestingly, this is almost exactly opposite my Lot of Fortune (26 Aries, natal 11th), conjunct my natal Moon (28 Libra) and falls in in my 5th (natal) Place is almost perfectly square my natal Sun.

(I have no idea how to intepret this. What does it mean for the exaltation of the Sun to be conjunct the Natal Moon? beats me!)

If I were born in the night with the same configuration, I'd add the distance from the Moon to 3 Taurus (its degree of exaltation) to my Ascendant.

Valens says "If it is found to be in the Ascendant or at MC, especially at an angle relative to the Lot, it indicates a royal chart, provided the other stars and procedures point to a basis of greatness for the nativity"

Ok so my Lot of Exaltation is not in the ascendant or MC (no 'basis o greatness) but it *is* at an angle relative to the Lot (7th) so I have a potentially "great" chart. I guess the "other stars and procedures" in my natal chart don't "point to a basis of greatness", since my royal crown and sceptre are nowhere in sight, LOL, not to speak of an overflowing treasury, which would be very useful LOL.

Valens deals with this right away (emphases mine)

"In addition, **if the nativity is of high rank**, and **if the exaltation or the house ruler is favourably situated**, the native will be exalted even beyond/to leadership, civil or royal office, or other distinguished positions of responsibility."

Ok since I was not born 'into high rank' and since in my case the house ruler (of Libra) is Venus, which is, sadly enough in Capricorn, the natal 8th (10th from Lot of Fortune). D'oh! No ultra exaltations for me! Sigh!

"If the basis of the nativity is average, and the ruler of the exaltation or the place itself is favourably situated, the native will be successful in the status to which he has been assigned: a craft, a science, or a talent. The house ruler itself and the sign will point out the type of good fortune to be expected, either from its own nature or from the sign in which it is located"

Ok let's try this out. My Exaltation Lot falls in 27 Libra, the natal 5th (and 7th from the Lot of Fortune). This is a succedent (as measured from the ascendant, angular as measured from the LoF) house, and the sign is Libra. So do I have a talent related to Libra (diplomacy?) that I can excel at? Sadly no, and I don't know how to interpret Venus in Capricorn as a craft,science or talent. I guess, in the end, mine is not (sadly!) a royal/exalted native chart at all! Ha!

In any case, once the chronocrator techniques are learned, it might be useful to find out when this lot gets activated, mediocre nativity or not!

I have to admit, I don't know what exactly the Lot of The Exaltation. *means*. The Lot of Fortune seems to indicate how Reality acts on you, in terms of good or bad luck. The Lot of Spirit seems to be (roughly) the way you act on the World.

What exactly does the Lot of Exaltation mean? From Valens's description it seems to indicate how 'not average' you are.
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