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What you are beginning to touch on is deciding how eminent the native will be. Whether he or she will achieve great things or be somewhere in the middle or worse still live something of an abject life. The latter doesn't mean that he or she will spend it in poverty (though some of them may) but it does mean that they won't achieve anything of note, nor make much, if any, of an impression on society.

You have already seen the Trigon Lords of the Sect Light, as a starting point. You know something of the twelve places and their value to life (and which of them are conducive to business and which are idle places, where little of good happens).

You know of the Benefics and Malefics and the Lot of Fortune. A post or two ago we talked of the archetypal Lot as a synonym for Fortune. That can't be over stressed. In looking at Eminence, other Lots are judged in relation to their position relative to Fortune

The Second Lot is the Lot of Spirit - or Daimon as Valens frequently refers to it. It's not only a reflection of his or her character, their sould or the element of divinity in them. It's not an easy word to translate because it was used in a wide variety of contexts. We've taken it to mean how the native can effect the world around them but it's always subject to what Fate deals. There's another meaning, that which in modern terms, we might term 'Spirit Guide' The element of the Divine, personified, which helps us through life.

We've seen that the Lot of Spirit functions best if it's angular to Fortune (other things being equal) and that it's ruler is also well placed and indeed its ruler's ruler is well placed. Well placed not only in the natal chart, but also relative to Fortune.

The Lot of Exaltation is a third Lot (I'm not calling it the third lot in a definite sense of ranking but it's still very important in this context. The Lot gives some sense of how the native is going to prosper.

If it is found to be in the Ascendant or at MC, especially at an angle relative to the Lot, it indicates a royal chart, provided the other stars and procedures point to a basis of greatness for the nativity..

The Lot shows that the native will prosper and become an eminent member of society, indeed if he or she is born of royal or very rich parents, then they will reach the summit of society, or even become an Alexander and conquer the world. For births at a lower social strata, you will need to reduce the success level accordingly, though the ones with a really good position, may become very upwardly mobile. Again that will depend on outside circumstances - would Napoleon have reached such a position, had it not been for the Revolution, which was beyond his control and he did not author. Fate is still the most important factor, but the Lot of Exaltation in the Ascendant, MC, or angular to the Lot of Fortune, proclaims a likelihood of success.

Valens mentions the Lot of Exaltation in such a position but again, the placement of its ruler should be looked at in the same way as the ruler of the Lot of Spirit. The Lot shows how well the Sect Light shines on the person's life'

There is a further Lot, the Lot of Basis, which would also feed into the calculation of Eminence and the same principles of angularity relative to the natal chart and to Fortune apply. As does the consideration of its ruler. You will meet this in Chapter 24 of Book II. Where he also deals with ignoble births as well as notable and distinguised births.

I use the word calculation because the meaning of eminence isn't topical; it's a characteristic of life as a whole. One might argue that with the signature of eminence in the chart, that eminence will show one way or another, depending on the winds of Fate.

Valens is using this approach to identify the really high flyers of society. So yes, he is concerned not with how near average you are, but whether you make the top 1, 5, or 10 percent.

I'll perhaps comment in more detail after you've looked at Basis and read Chapter (or Section) 24.

But it's worth noting that eminence hasn't entirely dropped out of Astrology. Modern Astrologers wrestle with the principle when trying to forecast (wrongly) the outcome of US Presidential Elections. Valens would probably insist that the pay more attention to the Lot of Fortune and how everything else relates to it.
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