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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
.... I thought the LoF was about Fortune/Luck. OK 'body' I can conceive of, since if the place of LoF is considered the first place, it talks about the impact of fortune/luck/things that happen to you on the body etc.

.... What is "the work of hands?"

... Hmm. ok. I thought the Daimon was about the impact one has on the world via one's own actions (vs the World acting on you via LoF). Ok but we can go with spirit and intellect too (the body being governed by Lot of Fortune).

So would taking Daimon's place as first tell us about our own efforts, as it affects (natal) 1st place matters? Or does it talk about our spirit + intellect? Confused .
In a work by Plutarch, he attributes source of the body to the Earth, that of the the Soul to the Moon and that of the Mind to the Sun. That tripartite division reflects a view of Fate is essentially the soul of the Cosmos divided into three each ruled by one of the three Moirai: [

I]Clothos[/I] deals with that part which is represented by the non-wandering stars, i.e. that part beyond the Sun and the planets - which is the realm of the Gods. Atropos deals with the Sun and the planets that lie beyond the Moon, and Lachesis deals with the Sub-lunar realm, that is the Earth.

In Valens' Astrology, (and indeed in that of most of the other Hellenistic authors, the Sun signifies nous, understanding or the directed mind, The intellect. The Moon signifies the physical body and the Soul or the Life Force together with Fortune or what happens to the body and soul. The Astrologers drew out more through the Lot of the Moon, or as we know it, the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of the Sun, or as we know it the Lot of Spirit (the Lot of the Daimon for Valens). Spiritual matters should not be taken as simply a religious expression (though it's not entirely divorced from it. Spirit requires the life force to be directed to a goal or end. That might well be achieving a trade deal, making a career in the Media, or writing works on philosophy. Spirit requires action directed to that goal and action is the main characteristic of a Daimon.

Originally Posted by RohanMenon
huh? What are *these*? Giving and receiving charity?
Daimons, whether good or bad are concerned with action. The tenth Place is often referred to as the Place of Action It's what we do in trade in inter-relationships with others, in negotiation but also in doing things to achieve ends. Such action requires giving and receiving. Just thing of the buying and selling example and you'll see clearly that buying involves receiving what you have paid for, the later being the giving of money. By Lilly's time the Lot of Spirit is closely concerned with career and how we earn a living.

I think this mean "examine signs and places where the rulers of both Lots are in" Is the idea to find a type of activity the native can perform to manifest the potential of his Lot of Spirit?[/quote]

It is more concerned with capacity than specific actions, though the two are again not entirely divorced. What you are doing is assessing the ability of the Native to make a name for him/herself.

However, that process may also help in identifying the type of career that will follow. Three key planets tend to show career, Mercury, Mars and Venus and by the time you've read Lilly, you'll be very familiar with the occupations attached to each one. However their are also careers identified with Jupiter (usually judicial or administrative) and Saturn (usually labour of some sort, especially working with Lead and metals. Rhetorius at the end of the Hellenistic period is very good on this but I think at this point Valens is more concerned with capacity to be successful at what you try to achieve.

Originally Posted by RohanMenon

i.e if the Ruler of Daimon is in the same place as the Lot of Fortune or its 10th, i.e the 10th, counting from the Lot of Fortune,....

This makes sense. I interpret the Lot of Daimon in the 10th from the Lot of Fortune as saying that the native's efforts fully manifest (since in the 10th from LoF) what Fortune brings him.
This works on several levels. The first and obvious one, is that Daimon is associated with the Sun and the Sun signifies rulership. Daimon is also associated with Action and the tenth is the Place of Action. However at a secondary level, as we've seen a planet in the tenth dominates a planet in the first (the square to the left in the order of signs). By analogy, Daimon in the tenth shows a mind that can dominate the soul and the body. The life force is not dissipated by poorly thought out actions.

I assume the "it" refers to the Lot of Daimon

so the sentence can be interpreted as " if the Lot of Daimon is angular *with reference to the Lot of Fortune* or at least not in 2,6,8,12 as measured from the Lot of Fortune then.."

Originally Posted by RohanMenon
I think this talks about Lot of Daimon being inconjunct to Lot of Fortune, so in 2,6,8, 12 from LOF....

....i.e Lot of Daimon is cadent (3,6,9,12) with respect to Lot of Fortune.
In the latter case, where Valens refers to the Places that decline from an angle (cadent houses); it's worth knowing that the Greek world regarded travel abroad as a risky and dangerous business. There's obviously the physical risks of being set on by robbers or by pirates, by untrustworthy local rulers, or contracting nasty diseases. But the Greeks liked home. Being abroad is undesirable for the very reason that you are no longer at home, where you belong and know the people.

All cadent houses were assoicated with travel. But the quality varied. In the twelfth or the sixth the quality was very bad because these places are averse to the Ascendant. They are not the place of Bad Fortune and the place of the Bad Spirit, for nothing.

On the other hand, the third and the ninth are connected to the Ascendant by aspects, a sextile for the third and a trine for the ninth. These give a metaphorical link to home and one which is a happy aspect.

Proper place means either the domicile (Sign) ruled by a planet, or one of it's other dignities. Hence Valens' use of in its proper place or at another angle. If the ruler of the Lot of Spirit is in its own dignity that is very good, but it it has no contact with one of its dignities, things are not good. The Lord of Spirit Peregrine and making no aspect into one of its domiciles or its exaltation is not good. Treat domicile as being by far the best place to be, or at an angle to Fortune. If the Lord of Fortune isn't in either of these places, it is still reasonably OK if it's in one of its dignities but if it isn't and it doesn't aspect one its domiciles then things are not good.
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