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Book 2 Section 22: The 11th place from Lot of Fortune and its influence on prosperity

Valence says the 11th place starting from the LoF is the "place of accomplishment, the bestower of Goods especially if the benefics are in place or aspect"

A brief description for each planet being in this place or aspecting it, or ruling it

Sun, Jupiter and Venus being in this place provide gold, jewellry, and very great property, as well as gifts from kings

The Moon and Mercury (in this place) brings ups and downs of livelihood, bringing changes and sometimes making men liberal and generous, at other times needy and burdened with debts. This happens because the Moon waxes and wanes (so is changeable) and Mercury shares the qualities of good and bad (depending on how he is situated in the horoscope and with whom, a known astrological fact).

Mars takes away what was gained and possessed, causing reductions, thefts, burning, trials, confiscations for royal and public use, or proscriptions and condemnations. If the nativity is in government (??) or otherwise distinguished, men will become successful from violent or dangerous action, or from theft provided that Mars is in his proper (see Minderwiz's previous post for a good definition of 'proper') place. Even then Mars makes this occupation risky and can cause losses.

Saturn when configured in proper place makes men rulers of estates and property. If out of sect and in the wrong places brings disaster, ruin, poverty, shipwreck, debt.

Saturn and Mars at MC or rising after MC indicates exile. Valens says that it is not just the Stars influencing this place that determines the outcome, but the sign itself (no examples)

My takeaway - after examining and interpreting the Lots of Fortune and Diamon from an overall life perspective, look at this place (the 11th from the Lot of Fortune) and interpret it as a 'place of fulfilment'.
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