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Valens also sees Spirit taking on the role of Fortune if that Lot and it's ruler are so poorly situated as to be useless. The native will find a way to make something of his or her life, even if it isn't particularly good.
I wonder if it should be " the native may..." or "the native can ..." I have some horoscopes where Fortune is badly situated, Spirit is well situated, but the former seems to have predominated (and the life goes to hell and which could be or could have been retreived by correct effort, but wasn't). I'm wondering if the Lot of Spirit is something that should be actively nurtured (not to get too much into 21st century psychobabble/free will, just trying to explain these horoscopes)

If someone is born at a New Moon (or very close to it), they have both Lots in their first house. A position of strength. At Full Moon they have both Lots in the Descendant.
This is very interesting. I think one of my friends was born at the Full Moon. I'll look at this chart to see how the Lots influence his life. The Full Moon should indicate some kind of eminence too correct? (other things being equal)
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