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Valens Horoscope #9

ASC - Sagittarius
Sun, Mercury in Taurus (6th)
Moon in Aquarius (3d)
Venus, Mars in Cancer (8th)
Jupiter in Virgo (10th)
Saturn in Leo (9th)
Lot of Fortune: Pisces
Lot of Spirit (roughly): Virgo
Lot of Exaltation: Pisces

Sect Lord: Moon (Sun below Horizon),so night time.
Moon in Aquarius: Trigon Lords in Order: Mercury,Saturn, Jupiter.

first part of life: ruled by Mercury.In Tarus, Not in its own triangle In natal 6th, Not good at all.

Second Part of Life: ruled by Saturn. In natal 9th (good house) Leo (so in detriment). Opposed by sect Lord Moon.

Supporting Lord: Jupiter in Virgo (10th). Not in its own trigon. But angular.

I would imagine the second part of life would be better for this native.

Lot of Fortune in the natal 4th. Very good. Lord in natal 10th and 7th from Fortune. Excellent placing. His cup brimmeth over.

Likewise Lord of Exaltation. A truly royal chart.

Place of prosperity == 11th from Fortune = Cancer, natal 8th.Not great, But this has Venus in it, sextile Mars,.

Overall, I'd say the strong angular Fortune and Lord of Fortune would overpower anything else.

Valens says
Since this was a night birth, the rulers, Saturn and Mercury, of the triangle [Gemini Libra Aquarius] just preceded angles [MC Ascendant]. Therefore he had many ups and downs in his early years and lived in debt, although the basis [of the nativity] was good with respect to parents. Later he got an inheritance and improved his means by profitable enterprises, and he became ambitious, dominant, and munificent. He was popular with the masses and a friend of kings and governors. He supplied temples and public works and gained perpetual remembrance.

The Lot of Fortune and the exaltation were found in Pisces, and its ruler,Jupiter, was at MC"
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