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I've not forgotten your earlier questions. Yes, Valens does profect the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit; most notably in the nativity of the dancer. Profecting these can give yous some idea of the context of the coming year. You should also look at the profections for twelve years ago; when the same chart would have been in effect. Thinking back to what happened then can give a guide to the forthcoming year.

But, as Valens' analysis of the dancer shows, chance and directed mind don't have to work out in exactly the same way. Whilst there is a significant level of determinism, Valens, like most of his contempories, recognises that the gods might react differently. in the same circumstances - things are never exactly the same. The native (with the Astrologer's advice and his own personal daimon) must learn from experience and use that to address familiar circumstances with a new perspective.
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