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Valens Horoscope # 10

(wow 10 examples for one technique! Modern writers should learn from Valens)

Ascendant: Sagittarius
Sun, Mercury: Scorpio (12th)
Moon: Aries (5th)
Venus in Sagittarius(1st)
Mars in Leo (9th)
Jupiter in Pisces (4th)
Saturn in Virgo (10th)

Lot of Fortune: Taurus (6th)
Lot of Sprit: Cancer (8th), roughly by calculation
Lot of Exaltation: Leo (9th), roughly , by calculation

Sect Lord: Sun. Since day chart. The Sun is in the East, in Scorpio, with Sagittarius rising. So morning. Interestingly the Moon is also in the sky and hasn't set.

Therefore trigon lords of Sun in Scorpio, in order: Venus, Mars Moon

First part of life: Ruled by Venus. In the First Place, Not in its own triangle. Angular.
Second part of life: Ruled by Mars in Leo (detriment, 9th place) in his own triangle, cadent
Third triplicity lord: Moon. in Aries. natal 5th. Succedent. Not in its own triangle.

i think the first part of life is better for this person, though the 2nd part isn't bad either

Lot of Fortune is in the 6th, which isn't very good. But it is in Taurus, with Venus in Sagittarius, the ascendant, and sextiled by Jupiter, though squared by Mars, and trined by Saturn.

The 11th from Fortune is Pisces with Jupiter in its own domicile, and Jupiter is also the ascendant lord. Very very good.

Valens says

"Even when he was a child, the nativity inherited great property. The Place of Accomplishment was in Pisces, with Jupiter in its own house. Venus, the co-ruler of the triangle, the Lot of Fortune, and the exaltation, was exactly in the Ascendant"

How is the Lord of the Exaltation in the Ascendant? Sun is in Scorpio and Aries 19 is far away. The only way this can happen is if Valens is calculating the Exaltation from the Moon. That doesn't make any sense, since he is looking at the triangle of the Sun!

Must have something to do with both Moon and Sun being in the sky. Still, he doesn't explain why he chose the Moon to calculate exaltation from. (or if he did, I missed it)
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