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Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
It is the Cathar Tarot by John Matthews -
Immediate point in its favour. These two have walked alongside me since I first bought one of their books in - what? 1982? 1983?

- and Wil Kinghan - based on the teachings and belief system of the Cathars in southern France in the 11th-12th Centuries who were subsequently persecuted and wiped out in the early 13th Century. No, I'd never heard of them either.
Oh, I've heard about the Cathars! That's the only reason why I clicked open the link, in fact. They were fascinating - and were deliberately and systematically wiped out by the Vatican of the time. A few years ago I read somewhere that 150 years prior to the Visconti-Sforza deck being developed, a female Visconti was a leader of the Cathars and was put to death, and her passage to Rome as a pregnant woman and a leader of her community invited to meet the Pope and subsequently murdered, may have been the model for the Visconti Chariot card - which certainly shows a woman who looks to be pregnant.

Information about the Cathars is fairly tricky to come by - I'm going to have to get this deck just for John's book (and for the cards, of course - I am *such* a card-slut!).
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