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Valens Horoscope # 11

ASC = Libra
Sun, Mercury in Capricorn (4th)
Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius (3d)
Jupiter in Cancer (10th)
Mars in Virgo (12th)
Venus in Aquarius (5th)
Lot of Fortune in Scorpio (2nd)
Lot of Spirit (by rough calculation) in the 12th Virgo
Lot of Exaltation (by rough calculation) the 6th, Pisces.

Night birth since Sun is in the 4th.
So Sect Lord is the Moon.
Moon in Sagittarius,so in order, the Trigon Lords are Jupiter, Sun, Saturn
First part of Life ruled by Jupiter. Exalted in Cancer. in 10th (angular). In his own trigon.
Opposed by Sun and Mercury (from Capricorn)
Sextiled by Mars in Virgo.
very good.

Second Part of Life ruled by Sun. Not in his own triangle. Angular. Aspects: Opposition by Jupiter. Trined by Mars from Virgo.

"Supporting" Trigon Lord is Saturn: in Sagittiarus (3d). In his own trigon. cadent. Squared by Mars.

The first part of life is better than the second.

Lot of Fortune in Scorpio (2nd) with Lord Mars in Virgo (natal 12th), so sextiled by Lord. Not *very* good, but decent.

Lot of Spirit is in the 12th natally (not good!), 11th from Fortune (very good)
Lot of Exaltation is in the 6th natally (not good!) but 5th from Fortune (good)

Place of Prosperity = 11th from Fortune = natal 12th = Virgo. Has Mars (Lord of Fortune) in it. Trined by Lord Mercury in Capricorn. Squared by Mars. Hmm Mars *and* Saturn. But otoh, Mars *is* the Lord of Fortune.

Overall, I'd judge the horoscope to be reasonably eminent, with some kind of 'fall' in the 2nd part of life. But Place of Prosperity is quite strong, so I imagine he'll survive it.

Valens says

"The rulers [Jupiter Sun] of the triangle [of the Sun] were found at angles, but in opposition [MC IC]. Therefore the nativity, though well provided for and prosperous at first, was later found to be exiled and needy because of burning and plunder. The ruler of the Lot of Fortune, Mars, was found in the Place of Accomplishment, but preceding an angle [Ascendant] and in aspect with Saturn [square]"

Hmm so I got the 'fall in second part of life' right, but this seems to be one of those horoscopes where the cadency in the 12th overcomes Mars being Lord of Fortune and in the place of prosperity.

Not sure I *could* have caught that aspect with my present knowledge. That said,

Lesson Learned = When Mars *and* Saturn occupy/aspect a sign, expect harsh circumstances with respect to the corresponding house.
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