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Valens Horoscope #12

ASC Taurus
Sun, Venus in Taurus (1st)
Moon in Aquarius (10th)
Mercury, Mars in Gemini (2nd)
Jupiter in Libra (6th)
Saturn in Cancer

It is hard to tell from the chart whether the Sun is above the horizon or not - since the Ascendant and Sun degrees are not given, only the sign - whether it is a day chart or night chart. Valens seems to be using the Sun as sect lord, so

Sect Lord: Sun in the 1st (angular), not in its own trigon. Aspects. Square Moon. Sextile Jupiter
Trigon Lords: Venus, Moon, Mars in that order.
1st part of life: Ruled by Venus in Taurus 1st house. So in domicile, in its own triangle, *and* angular. Conjunct Sun (the sect lord), squared by the Moon,Sextile saturn Very good.
2nd part of life: Ruled by the Moon. In the 10th, angular. Aspects: Opposed by Saturn, Squared by Venus and Sun, Trined by Mercury and Mars.
Supporting Lord Mars in 2nd, Gemini, not in its own trigon, succedent.
1st part of life seems better.

Lot of Fortune in Aquarius(10th) with the Moon.
Lot of Spirit not given, but by sign based calculation should be in the 4th (Leo), opposite Fortune.
Place of prosperity = 11th from 10th = natal 8th Sagittarius (not so good), Lord Jupiter in natal 6th, 9th from the Lot

ok i can't get a feel for this chart. If Valens hadn't placed this in a list of eminent nativities, I wouldn't think this is an eminent nativity at all. Except for Venus and Sun in Taurus and the 1st, there is nothing that I see hat inclines this nativity to eminence.

Valens says
"In his first years, the native had great political prestige, affairs, and positions of trust. The rulers [Venus Moon] of the triangle [Taurus Virgo Capricorn] happened to be at angles [Ascendant, MC]. Later his livelihood was ruined and he became a vagabond. Mars and Mercury were in opposition to the Place of Accomplishment and the rulers [Saturn Jupiter] of the Lot and of the lace of Accomplishment preceded angles [IC Descendant]"
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