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I'd have said:

"Reading on this question is going to have to be just for fun, OK? Let's put out some cards and see what they say. Then we can look back at the outcome and see how close we came to a real answer once you've found out for real. Be sure to let me know once you've taken a pregnancy test or seen the doctor."

As for readings in general about things we're not comfortable with, I always consider the sitters feelings when I decline a reading. It's rare that I do decline. But I decline in the best way for saving face for the sitter, so as not to make them feel like they're a creep for even asking the question. Often, we can decide on adjusting something about the question in order to make it work out well.

The questions I don't like answering are "Is this person gay?" I use tact but I really won't read on that particular issue at all. Another one is "what's this person's relationship with their wife or partner like?" I've read on that a time or two, but I really didn't like doing it at all and I haven't done it in a really long time.
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