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Originally Posted by EmpressArwen View Post
... Episcopal churches are very liberal and accepting but even still divination wouldn't be least not in any Episcopal churches I've been in. Maybe they are different in other areas.
There's actually quite a wide range of churches that spring from the American Episcopal tradition.

True, the main line, traditional Episcopal church, is quite liberal, open minded and accepting (not anti-LGBTQ, not racist).

On the other hand, a good many splinter groups have sprung up in recent decades specifically because they are NOT open minded and don't, for example, accept the idea that women could be priests within the Episcopal tradition. Some of these groups are really, really conservative, controlling and kind of scary.

I kind of hope that she hasn't joined one of the more closed minded groups.

I'm not really a fan of her work, not sure why, exactly, but it's never spoken to me.
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