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Cool A home is a determining factor?

The Chariot is clarifying the 10/Pents. That means we should look at what they have in common...and there is something very interesting that they have in common: In the 10/Pents RWS card, there is that big house. The Chariot carries its armored housed with it (like Cancer the crab, it's astrological sign). Might the outcome of this relationship--given where it's going at the moment--be a determination to move into their own house? Or make enough money to buy/build their dream house? Or even just fix up a mobile home?

I have this suspicion that this outcome indicates a very stubborn determination to live together, at the very least (Pents are stubborn, traditional and conservative, and the Chariot is so determined and focused on what it wants it will run over anyone in its way). I know a lot of individuals in relationships who say, "I won't get married until we have the money for our own home..." or "Until we move in together..." Given the 10/Pents which is about family homes, it could even mean, as an outcome, one party strongly urging the other to move into their parent's home.

Remember, by the way, that the outcome of a reading is what will happen if things don't change. It's where the relationship is going currently...but not inevitably. If your sitter doesn't like this outcome, they can change it by doing something differently.
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