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Originally Posted by WildOrchid View Post
Thank you so much for your insight!
Focus on the house is very interesting- especially focusing on the house. Could it mean that this relationships future is just solving house situation? So no real relationship, just sorting out assets?
Very possibly! This might include traditions/religion. The Chariot is often about two opposing forces uniting to pull the chariot to victory. So, if these two come from different communities, with different cultural values, this could be all about hammering out issues (about where to live, about sex before marriage, about culture/family/money), so that they can present a united front to their families. And, thus, get the families onboard with their relationship.

The 10/Pents is certainly about getting generations of a family living under the same roof (figuratively if not literally). i.e. making sure everyone is one big happy family. It's a good step for any relationship to do this. It helps to make sure they won't have to fight battle after battle with family members over their decisions or way of life. Or where they decide to live, come to that.
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