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Originally Posted by Tarot dance View Post
...I am trying to find something for swapping besides Tarot Deck....Just so it will be a deferent experience from the Trade Train....

...Besides, I think I have traded all the good decks and I am trying to build up my selection of decks for trading....

...My only problem is, Once a get a deck in my hands it is VERY hard to let go of it....

....I was thinking about a tarot box, maybe some tarot bags, some small paintings I have been working on, or a novel or two...(if anyone is into Military ScFy that is....)

....Any suggests as to what to post beside tarot decks?

....Or are we suppose to ONLY list Tarot Decks for swapping?
Hey TD!

It's ONLY tarot/lenormand/oracle decks. Although it is recommend to list as many decks as you would be willing to let go you ONLY need a minimum of (2) decks to play. In the side trades I have sweetened the pot by offering other related items, which is okay in SIDE TRADES.


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