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Originally Posted by BeyondtheVeil View Post
I have a question. It says that we must be willing to pay for shipping "anywhere". I only want USA as shipping to other countries can be anywhere between $40 -80 dollars. I'm not down with that. lol So... if that is the rule... is it only for in your own country?.

If not, I will have to pass. Paying $40 to ship a $14-20 deck just is too much. I don't mind paying for Priority Flate Rate Shipping here in the USA though.

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I kind of have to agree...I had to send decks to Europe and the UK after the 'Trade Train and it was expensive...the postal clerk said that international rates had gone up a lot...if use to be about $10 to mail a deck to the UK...I can't remember exactly what I paid when I last mailed a deck to UK...but I know it was more than $10 and I remember being much so that I always check profiles to see where a person is before initiating a trade...
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