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Originally Posted by G6 View Post
It cost me 9.50 via USPS 1st class to send a deck to Canada. If you look at that chart in the attached link Canada is the cheapest the most expensive region is $13.50.
Originally Posted by Tarot dance View Post
I kind of have to agree...I had to send decks to Europe and the UK after the 'Trade Train and it was expensive...the postal clerk said that international rates had gone up a lot...if use to be about $10 to mail a deck to the UK...I can't remember exactly what I paid when I last mailed a deck to UK...but I know it was more than $10 and I remember being much so that I always check profiles to see where a person is before initiating a trade...
Im not sure what service you all used, but the rates listed in the link above for International USPS 1st Class are between $9.50 and $13.50 for an average weight single deck. The trade games do cost shipping to play and you do have to be willing to let go decks.


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