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Originally Posted by G6 View Post
You are quoting the difference between Priority (costs more) and 1st Class (costs less).

Yes because that is all that it is giving me. I clicked on International First Class and the ONLY options are Priority. Can you please send me the link that you are using?

Denmark is $33.95 as well. Also.. how much is insurance and tracking on the quotes that you are giving? If the trade doesn't make it..the sender is out of shipping and the deck. I ship it insured for my protection and tracking to prove it was sent and delivered. It also helps the post office track it. Though you won't get it back, but you will have the insurance to protect yourself from any losses/damages/etc. The $33.95 does not include the tracking or insurance.

If you can find a much cheaper option for that, then it would be great. My hold up is the ridiculous cost to ship internationally. I don't consider Canada across the ocean or internationally.

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