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Originally Posted by palin View Post
Thanks Solandia for the safe and happy space you have provided
Funnily (and I never thought I could ever say this about a websit) I will always have a special place in my heart for the AT community
It has been years for me
I have never encountered someone boring or obnoxious on this forum
Always shared good times and good stories
It must be said that all must end
Strangely this is happenng at the exact time I am moving house and buying my own place
It feels there are a lot of endings and new beginnings in my life right, but I am the saddest today to reading about the shutting down of AT
Time to say good bye then, and thank you from the bottom of my heart
I also have experienced s lot of endings and beginnings in the last few months, the kind that change your perception on things. How odd that so many of us are going through phases of transformations.

I came here today to ask a question in "Your Readings" and my heart sank. I thought, "This too?" It was a total shock. This is the only place I can explore freely and deeply my interest in tarot. This site is a gold mine. This news has made me think about my relationship to this site and tarot in a way I haven't before. And for that, I am grateful even if I am experiencing some loss. I've seen the five of cups a fair bit recently. That energy is definitely in other areas of my life but I never would have guessed it would be hinting at this as well. So much for intuition

Thank you so much for this. The effect this site had on me I've yet to be fully aware of and I will be sure to think on it quite a bit because it feels important. Seriously, thank you.
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