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Like several others on this thread, I haven't been an active user now in several years, but pop in here and there to see what's what. That being said, I am truly sorry to see this incredible place go and wanted to shout out a huge Thank You Solandia!! for daring to dream it up for all of us 17 years ago <3

My (quick) personal story -
In many ways, my life was shaped by AT from the day I joined back in 2004. I was a new mother and stay-at-homer for the first time in my life. AT gave me a community and a way to reconnect with myself as me instead of just as somebody's mother and/or significant other.

Now, so many years later, I cherish a small handful of special friendships I have made, so much wisdom that was shared, and a few choice trinkets and treasures I have picked up along the way.

I would say the forum here helped keep me grounded, but honestly, it feels more like it gave me beautiful purple wings.

Much love to you, Solandia, and all of the incredible people who helped make AT so special! <3
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