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Dear Kate,

It was an absolute honour to be an ATF member and it is a real credit to you to have created such an incredible space.

What you did was bring thousands of people from around the world to the one place to discuss something they/we were all passionate about.

You created a family of loving, caring people who will never forget you, your dedication and commitment to the journey that is tarot.

I came to this website when I was going through a rough time in my life and formed so many wonderful friendships that not only got me through, but hold steady today.

I was so pleased to have met you, JMD and Moonbow in Melbourne and I wish you the very best in this next, exciting phase of your own journey.

A special thanks also to all of the moderators and to every member that helped make this place to be nothing short of amazing.

Till we all meet again.

with love
purple_scorp (aka Linda)
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