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Originally Posted by TarotCasper View Post
By the way, is there some type of mailing list that I could get on in case there's going to be another forum? Because I would like to be on it if there is.
Check this List of Alternative Forums. It's my understanding this list will also be in an easily-accessible place after the forum closes, so if you don't bookmark it now, you should be able to get to it at a later date.

Originally Posted by CoffeeBlood View Post
so the forum will still be accessible to read the public posts?
Yes, all threads currently viewable by the public will remain so.

Any threads where one had to log in to view them, such as readings, will no longer viewable, so save any of these if you would like a personal copy.

Originally Posted by CoffeeBlood View Post
will the main site -where deck reviews are posted and what not- still be available?
The main web site will remain and continue to be available. It is only the forum which is be closed.
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