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Definitely the end of an era. Even though I haven't posted much here, I have learned so much here. When practicing reading, I always come here to search posts about takes on meanings of the cards.

I haven't made any friendships here, but the forum as a whole has just been with me for so long.

I, too, closed a forum a couple years ago that was active. Solandia, I can completely relate. Selling isn't an option. Even if you have good moderators and good people...there is so much behind the scenes work to teach. I remember spending Christmas day working on my's hard to know if other people are truly willing to be that kind of dedicated. It's really no offense to anyone...just feels weird handing over the reins to someone else when something like this isn't just a project, but your baby.

I'm relieved this forum will at least be read-only so I can still search.

I'm sad to see it go, but I can totally relate to Solandia.

Thank you all for everything, and to everyone who has been a part of this community, be it one post or several thousand.
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