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Originally Posted by LadySquee View Post
Even if you have good moderators and good people...there is so much behind the scenes work to teach. I remember spending Christmas day working on my's hard to know if other people are truly willing to be that kind of dedicated. It's really no offense to anyone...just feels weird handing over the reins to someone else when something like this isn't just a project, but your baby.
FWIW, it doesn't HAVE to be that way. I can save it without any help at all! I would just need the login info to the database, and I can move it all to my own server and database structure, quick and painless.

I promise, I manage over 50 message board sites and have done this same thing many, many times.

Please, Solandia, do a reading on this and you'll see... this forum has been such a huge asset, I hate the idea of losing it! Just yesterday I did a spread for a friend and needed help, but without the forum there's just... no help to be had.

If you still say no, I'll probably build a new one that I hope everyone will want to use. I went ahead and bought, but it would be so, so much better if we can save the site everyone already loves!!
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