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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
You would need EVERY SINGLE MEMBER'S PERMISSION to download all the member only areas and personal details (emails, paypal etc are all in there.). You would not have mine.

Sorry - but it isn't quite like passing on a library. I signed up under a specific administration. If it went to you - where might it go next and after that ?

We aren't losing the accumulated wisdom, just the member only areas. That's a great loss, sure - but still, the mass of knowledge will still be up there to read.
That's not entirely correct, unless there's an Australian law that's different from the US. Legally speaking, in the US when you sign up for a site then anything you post becomes the property of that site, and they can do whatever they want within the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of the site. Believe me, I've handled this several times.

Think of it more like... you signed up for a credit card at Amazon, then Amazon hired a new CEO or merged with Walmart (God forbid).

But that doesn't have to be a concern, either. Passwords are encrypted in the database, so no one would have access to those, anyway. And I think most of us would be happy to just salvage the posts, usernames, and ability to post. If Solandia doesn't feel comfortable passing along PMs or anything else, that's not a big deal at all, we would just lose what we have to lose and deal with it. Something is better than nothing, regardless.

I haven't heard from Solandia, but if I were to be given the choice then I would copy over the bare minimum necessary (with no breach of privacy), then send a bulk email to all users with an opt-in if they want more information to be copied over. So if you don't want something copied over, it's not a problem at all.

Originally Posted by purple_scorp View Post
one of the things that made this forum special was Solandia herself. So, transferring a bunch of posts etc to a new site, doesn't necessarily mean that that site will be as magical as this one.

It's the members, as well as the posts that make a forum special.
I couldn't agree more, and as a user of the forum for a long time I don't deny that this is a pretty sad loss. But the alternative is to just let it die unnecessarily, and I'd rather try to save it then just give up and act like it doesn't matter.

The people make the forum, it's as simple as that. So we can all either go our separate ways, or try to stick together. It's up to us, really.
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