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Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
...but AT isn't just another forum. It may be like all the others in technical terms, and I have no doubt that you can do what you say, but it's a small business created by one person and is thus fueled by its creator.

But we're not talking about the CEO of Walmart; AT isn't some faceless corporation but a single person's dream. Although it may be sad that it's closing, I don't know if I could give up "my baby" to someone else. It's more than a business, it's her vision and passion, and I can see the logic of not wanting to give it up to someone else who would maybe corrupt and change that vision.
I can understand that, too, but personally, I see it differently.

My oldest site is 15 years old this October, and it's my baby, too. I would have a REAL hard time handing over the reins... even getting a moderator is hard to do!

But IMO, when you build a forum like this, it's more than a small business... like Amanda said, it's a community. And if you build a community, you have a responsibility to the members to keep it going, even after you leave. You don't just say, "I'm tired of being in charge, but I don't want anyone else in charge, so I'm leaving and taking the community with me".

I'm not judging Solandia, I don't know her situation at all. I just disagree with the act of shutting it down unnecessarily.

Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
I've been here 13 years and I can understand her reasons, and I support them. Also, sorry if this comes off as trying to be superior, but your join date is a bit over two years ago. I have to wonder how much contact you've had with Solandia, how well you know the spirit and norms of place and why you would push for taking it on. I would also wonder why she would elect to do as you suggest with you specifically because of those reasons.
You're not coming across as superior, these are fair questions.

The fact is, I'm NOT a strong member of the forum. I've tried to be an asset when I could, and I've turned to you guys a lot when I had questions, mainly because I'm still learning the art. But at the same time, I'm not just some faceless corporation that's buying up sites and trying to flip them for a profit; I have an innate desire to keep the community together, and to keep the discussion going.

The reason I push for taking it on is because I have the ability to do it pretty easily. The site is build with a vBulletin template, and I'm familiar with the database structure so I can import it to my own structure pretty seamlessly.

I have my own servers, a small staff to handle the workload, and 15 years of experience in keeping a community like this strong and active. I've literally spent almost half of my life doing this exact thing.

I saw earlier that someone else mentioned something similar, and I wouldn't be offended at all of Solandia went with them instead of me. But I just hope that she does something.

Originally Posted by purple_scorp
.1 If an APP entity holds personal information about an individual that was collected for a particular purpose (the primary purpose), the entity must not use or disclose the information for another purpose (the secondary purpose) unless:

the individual has consented to the use or disclosure of the information; or
subclause 6.2 or 6.3 applies in relation to the use or disclosure of the information.

When we became members of this forum, we agreed to have our public posts available on this forum (being the primary purpose).

So, you would need to obtain permission from every member before you could post any of their posts for a secondary purpose (ie your forum).
That's not quite correct, either. Personal information would include real names, email addresses, mailing addresses, etc, not anonymous information like your username. And I'm not asking for any of that; as far as I'm concerned, the paid section of the site can just be wiped clean and start over, if that's what Solandia wants; I don't need or want that much information on anyone.

But if someone takes over a company, then the new person becomes the entity, so from a legal standpoint that's not disclosing information outside of the entity. I would be considered part of the staff (eg, one CEO steps down, another takes their place).

None of that relates to the posts, though, unless they're in a protected section of the site. Public posts are... well, public. Which is why, when you Google things about Tarot (or any other search engine), you can read a portion of the thread results on Google's page; they copy your posts. Which is no different than what I'm hoping to accomplish.

Originally Posted by Aulruna
...or otherwise shared outside of Aeclectic Tarot staff, unless prior permission is given.
So indeed, if you'd change ownership, you will need prior consent to even get access to the data.
I responded to purple_scorp on this, but just to respond to you, too... no, if we merge like I'm suggesting then I become part of Solandia's staff (as new CEO), so it wouldn't be shared outside of the staff.

I should mention, though, Solandia hasn't responded to me at all, so this may all be a waste of time to discuss. I have no idea if she's gotten my email, considered the thought, or even returned to this thread to read the opinions. My point all along has been that I'll accommodate whatever she needs to keep it alive... usernames, encrypted passwords, and a copy of the forum database is all I would really need, although email addresses would be nice so that we could announce the change to everyone. Otherwise, I'll just be another site starting from scratch that probably won't succeed, and we as a community will cease to exist.
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