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Originally Posted by purple_scorp View Post
To csdude,

one of the things that made this forum special was Solandia herself. So, transferring a bunch of posts etc to a new site, doesn't necessarily mean that that site will be as magical as this one.

It's the members, as well as the posts that make a forum special.

with love
Exactly. Without Solandia - it won't be AT. However nice anyone else is - it won't be.

Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
Does a tombstone negate a person's life and the impact they had? I would hope not, and AT shutting down doesn't mean it doesn't matter. It will stay on, for the foreseeable future, as a testament to the community that was. Of course it matters, but prolonging its life may not necessarily be the right choice, however sad that may be. As you said, you've managed tens of forums, etc., but AT isn't just another forum. It may be like all the others in technical terms, and I have no doubt that you can do what you say, but it's a small business created by one person and is thus fueled by its creator.

But we're not talking about the CEO of Walmart; AT isn't some faceless corporation but a single person's dream. Although it may be sad that it's closing, I don't know if I could give up "my baby" to someone else. It's more than a business, it's her vision and passion, and I can see the logic of not wanting to give it up to someone else who would maybe corrupt and change that vision.

I've been here 13 years and I can understand her reasons, and I support them. Also, sorry if this comes off as trying to be superior, but your join date is a bit over two years ago. I have to wonder how much contact you've had with Solandia, how well you know the spirit and norms of place and why you would push for taking it on. I would also wonder why she would elect to do as you suggest with you specifically because of those reasons.

Originally Posted by Aulruna View Post
Actually you can find Aeclectic's privacy policy here:

Specifically about this issue, it clearly states:
We collect personal information such as email addresses, locations, IP addresses, and birthdates as part of your separate membership to the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, though you may visit the Forum without registering. This personal information is used for the purpose of running and improving the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, and will not be distributed, sold, traded or otherwise shared outside of Aeclectic Tarot staff, unless prior permission is given.
So indeed, if you'd change ownership, you will need prior consent to even get access to the data.
Quite. And I would not give you access to mine.

Originally Posted by csdude View Post
I can understand that, too, but personally, I see it differently.
You can see it differently all you like - but the fact remains that unless everyone here wanted you to become CEO or whatever you like to call yourself, it is how the community sees it, not he way you see it, that counts.

The reason I push for taking it on is because I have the ability to do it pretty easily. The site is build with a vBulletin template, and I'm familiar with the database structure so I can import it to my own structure pretty seamlessly.
Just because you can doesn't mean that you - or anyone else - should be allowed to. There are all kinds of things I an do that I really should NOT be allowed to.

Public posts are... well, public. Which is why, when you Google things about Tarot (or any other search engine), you can read a portion of the thread results on Google's page; they copy your posts. Which is no different than what I'm hoping to accomplish.
You are missing the point there. The public posts will remain. And the subscriber areas will not.
Of course the public posts will show up on google. As they should. That's the point of Solandia's archiving it all. They don't need you to copy them all. They will still be accessible.
I responded to purple_scorp on this, but just to respond to you, too... no, if we merge like I'm suggesting then I become part of Solandia's staff (as new CEO), so it wouldn't be shared outside of the staff.
She doesn't want staff. She has made her POV very clear. She is preserving the mass of valuable info that this site has produced over the years for posterity. That's GOOD.

I should mention, though, Solandia hasn't responded to me at all, so this may all be a waste of time to discuss. I have no idea if she's gotten my email, considered the thought, or even returned to this thread to read the opinions. My point all along has been that I'll accommodate whatever she needs to keep it alive... usernames, encrypted passwords, and a copy of the forum database is all I would really need, although email addresses would be nice so that we could announce the change to everyone. Otherwise, I'll just be another site starting from scratch that probably won't succeed, and we as a community will cease to exist.
Many members who are well known to the community have already set up sites and people are settling down to build them. That is community spirit in action. Your idea is not going to fly - you're right.

My very favourite independent bookstore - a seriously important community resource - closed a couple of years ago. It was mourned by everyone. But just because it was so important to the community doesn't mean the owner should have had to pass it on. Solandia created this place. She has the absolute right to close it, and what she is doing in terms of preservation of material is quite exceptional. A very important Waite site vanished completely (except for those who know how to find parts of it on the wayback machine) a few years ago. I wish its owner had done as well as Solandia is doing.
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