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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Exactly. Without Solandia - it won't be AT. However nice anyone else is - it won't be.

Quite. And I would not give you access to mine.

You can see it differently all you like - but the fact remains that unless everyone here wanted you to become CEO or whatever you like to call yourself, it is how the community sees it, not he way you see it, that counts.

Just because you can doesn't mean that you - or anyone else - should be allowed to. There are all kinds of things I an do that I really should NOT be allowed to.

You are missing the point there. The public posts will remain. And the subscriber areas will not.
Of course the public posts will show up on google. As they should. That's the point of Solandia's archiving it all. They don't need you to copy them all. They will still be accessible.
She doesn't want staff. She has made her POV very clear. She is preserving the mass of valuable info that this site has produced over the years for posterity. That's GOOD.

Many members who are well known to the community have already set up sites and people are settling down to build them. That is community spirit in action. Your idea is not going to fly - you're right.

My very favourite independent bookstore - a seriously important community resource - closed a couple of years ago. It was mourned by everyone. But just because it was so important to the community doesn't mean the owner should have had to pass it on. Solandia created this place. She has the absolute right to close it, and what she is doing in terms of preservation of material is quite exceptional. A very important Waite site vanished completely (except for those who know how to find parts of it on the wayback machine) a few years ago. I wish its owner had done as well as Solandia is doing.
Beautifully said, or written I agree completely
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