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I truly don't understand the negativity and demand to let the community die that's being expressed here. Some of you are fighting so hard to let it die, I just don't get it.

Why we can't stick together as a community, I will never understand. No offense to Solandia, but she didn't make this site special, the users did. She uploaded a template and paid for the hosting, but the posters are what made it special. In 2 1/2 years, I don't I've ever had a single exchange with Solandia, so whether she was here or not wouldn't have changed my experience a bit... you guys were what made this site a community.

What we're doing right now is splitting up a hundred ways and moving on to several boards... why? It would be sooo simple for Solandia to just pick one replacement and we could all stick together. It's not complicated, it's not hard, it's not a big deal. One day she's paying for the hosting, the next day someone else is. It's as simple as that, regardless of how complicated some of you want to make it seem.

Regardless, I assume that we won't be discussing it any more in the next hour, so what's done is done. I have yet another Tarot forum site set up and hopefully it will be ready for posts tomorrow... I hope you guys will use it and rebuild the community, but if not then I wish all of you the best in life.
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