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Originally Posted by purple_scorp View Post
csdude, I don't think you get it. We're not being negative at all. We are supporting Solandia's decision to close in its current format. Because unlike you, some of us believe that AT is what it is because of Solandia. She had the vision to set all of this up. And, a lot of us have actually met Solandia so, we don't think of her as just someone who pays a website hosting bill.

This is her heart and soul and, members are transient.

There are a number of other members who have the qualification, skills and experience to take over (myself included). It's not the point.

I have nothing against you starting your own community. I just don't think that you should be trying to take this community with you.

with love
Thanks purpls. That is exactly it. WE, the members who are - as you say - the community are saying that the person who made it, whose heart it is - gets to take it with her - because WE know that whatever you think, it would not be AT without her,

And also that we love her and support her in her decision. Because of how we feel about HER.

And yes - someone qualified and competent, who is a long standing part of the community, like purps, would perhaps be more suitable than a new member like yourself - but I've known purps for years and she already has more details about me than this place does - and I wouldn't' want to see her take over either.

Goodbye AT - it's been real.
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