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I came to the forum today...the final say goodbye I guess. I thought about a last post and decided I wouldn't make one. I started reading the farewell threads and the 'what was your first post' thread. Hit with a sudden wave of sentimentality I remembered this thread, my absolute favourite of all time. Such wonderful memories of a time of excitement and discovery, unlocking the magic of the Ancient Italian tarots, 'meeting' people I would have an ongoing connection with. This was my tarot peak, a highlight in a long journey, and a treasured memory.

Thank you to all those here over the years who have shared a little of themselves with others. Who have made these purple pages such a special place to visit. While my journey has taken me in other directions, there was comfort in knowing I could step back into this world at any time. After being connected to Aeclectic for nearly 16 years the sense of loss is greater than I could have imagined. But alas, time moves on and so must we. May tarot take you all wherever it is you need to go. And so for now, goodbye.
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