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Lynda describes this Symbol as one which carries knowledge and guilt. It deals with emotions and feelings relating to jealousy, mistrust, resentment and seperation. Keywords: relationships, belief systems, insight temptation, fear and passion, nature, instinct, kundalini energy, life and death.

This Symbol gives me a very srtong image, and with the Keyword: Revelation - I also see the words: Release and Recoil connected with it.

When this symbol has appeared in readings I have noticed that the Questioner maybe having trouble expressing themselves or have had communication problems with someone else. This has usually caused a great deal of anxiety and their instinct has been to lash out and then pull their head in, become silent, introverted, or even agrophobic. They maybe distraught, not able to find solutions to the dicussion, or worry about the consequences of their actions. This is temporary, but may take time for the questioner to work out if they are right or wrong.

When they do resume communications - it has been well thought out, and most stand up for what they believe - having come to some conlusion or desicion about the problem. There maybe feelings of wanting to recoil - but there is revelation and release when the matter has concluded.

Also sometimes can relate to personal issues with sexuality or morals. This maybe because someone has made a judgement regarding someone else, which may be disputed or not real at all. In doing so both parties make dicoveries about themselves and their own personal moralities, judgements and the way they communicate to and with others in a sexual manner.

I think this relates to another aspect of the 'guilt' conscience - and aspects of what does 'right' mean and what is 'wrong'. Lynda mentions this as she illustrates the 'Serpent & Apple, Adam and Eve' aspect of the Symbol.

marina - when you mentioned the colours ie seeing 'green and red' i thought that amazing - two 'apple' colours - and the colours of jealousy and passion!

Just some thoughts
Elven x
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