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It is a very peaceful card, isn't it - sorry about the cats, Rabbit, I lost two very recently too and it really is hard.
She sits on a lotus leaf: in buddhism the lotus is a sign of purity, that beauty and purity can come from mud (the lotus roots in mud, and flowers in the air) and deities and bodhisattvas are very often pictured sitting on or holding lotus flowers. She looks as if she is sitting in lotus position and meditating deeply. She is one with the whole universe - indistinguishable although a unique part.
Existence .... do we exist at all, or are we projections of our own incredible minds. If I am not, then you are not because we are all so closely intertwined and only have meaning as part of the whole.
I like the shooting star - supposed to be good luck isn't it? For me it does not look so much like the night sky (as in the commentary of the book) as like deep space.
I have been trying to correlate the images here with the more traditional majors. Existence would be as the Magician, but I see our figure more as being one with all, rather than having or exercising power over all. But the power of the mind is common to both.
I find this a peacefull, calming card, wonderful to use for meditation, or just losing yourself in the image for a brief rest for your mind.
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