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Is this the pure dumb luck of the Fool, to take one step and learn immediately that sitting is the goal, that manipulative grasping and ego- desire are the seat of suffering?
I think it has to be grace - an item not discussed much in Buddhism, and that is a great sticking point for me.
The ego-free Self already knows its worth and begins the journey there, having to return to the still point over and again. The still point is home.
The seat of Being is always open to us, when we are mindful of it.
We don't need to "go outside" - Being is always there and is the "only" thing we need to realize.

I project into this card that the "lotus leaf of perfection" also implies a support, a grounding, something provided for us in this vast emptiness, outside space and time. I don't always get this notion of support in Buddhist sources, but I am where I am, and this is what I see.

I have also had the experience of visitations by deceased animals (one actually played a very clever practical joke) - sentient beings who are nothing else but love. It was a great honor. Grace?

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