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This is one of my favourites! I look at it from the buddhist viewpoint where no-thingness does not equal nothingness. There is no-thing because we haven't attached to anything - haven't chosen, therefore everything is possible. Where there is no decision that one thing is right, there is no decision therefore that everything else must be not right; if my choice is good, everything not chosen is not-good. It took me a while to grasp the concept of emptiness and no-thingness, but once the light switched on I have found it quite comforting. In that 'gap' absolutely everything is possible and we choose the reality we wish to see. I have found it a way to keep my equilibrium and equanimity in stressful times, and to stop the sudden and useless bursts of emotion such as anger when something doesn't go my way (or when a car cuts me off on the road - you should just see how the taxis drive in this country!!!). I can remember that gap - the darkness doesn't feel empty to me at all, and I can choose to act sensibly, instead of reacting blindly. (don't always make it of course, but at least I can keep trying). And as a card to meditate on - just wonderful.
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