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Beautiful thoughts Judith. I love this card as well. I think it is a different expression of the Hierophant from traditional rws in a religious sense. While the Hierophant relies on tradition and time-worn symbols to understand God, no-thingness is the utter lack of an image for God, a more true representation of both the judeo-christian-islamic YHWH-God-Allah and the buddhist conception of the absolute. No-thingness reminds us that God is beyond all human constructions, including an image of the divine as 'no-thing', because s(he) is full of ALL things. So, contained within the void conception of the absolute represented in this card is its paradoxical opposite, the overflowing fullness--the pleroma. I see the pleroma throughout this deck, expecially in the maturity card, which may be part of why i am so attracted to these beautiful cards. This card is especially powerful for me because it speaks to the absence and presence of God or the Divine in a way that is less moralistic and commanding than the Pope often appears to me.

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