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Originally Posted by paradoxx
Becasue this deck is so vivid and unique, and yet so Tarot as inspired by the Rider Waite deck, I would like to directly compare the osho zen tarot to the rider waite imagry, if this is unwelcome then let me know so i can remove my post(s) therof.

starting with the fool, the imagry is very much the same, a man on a high cliff (represnting the mind) holding a flower. Wherea st he RW fool may or may not walk off that cliff, perhaps he is there looking at the view, the Osho Zen tarot has taken it to the next level and has the fool stepping off the cliff. The RW fool is still making the decision, the Osho Zen fool has made the decision.
another observation is that it is night in Osho and day in RWS. The RWS Fool seems ego-driven(to me), if he does crash it may be related to not being able to get out of his own way. He's got baggage and a companion.

Osho Fool seems to be more in touch with his emotional life. Even aware of possibilities of subconscious dialogue, sees dreams as information. No baggage, no companion, very much has let go of a material portion of himself, no shoe appears on right leg.
The flowers have switched hands, from left to right, assertive in a different way, he knows what he is doing. There is a path for him to follow down below, the RWS Fool has no path, just a likely drop.
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