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Originally Posted by ana luisa
Also, for some weird reason, I always think of stonehenge when I see this card...
LOL, ana luisa. I know what you mean..I think it's the 4-post garland standing there. I sometimes think of Stonehenge with this card, I'm not sure what that's about. A distant, past-life memory, perhaps?

As for the sadness...I suppose that is a very subjective statement on my part. Wands are fire, and they often involve a lot of movement or action. But in this Wand card, it is surprisingly quiet and peaceful, and it makes me sad..wondering, where did all the energy go? Maybe that's where it comes from..but looking at the card again, even now as I'm typing this...I still feel that 'sadness' from it. Not sure why.

Originally Posted by Geministar
It looks like there was a celebration there, but why cant we see the actual celebration taking place?
Agreed, Geministar. Where are all the people? I think it's difficult not to want to apply traditional definitions of RWS-based cards to the DruidCraft, esp. since that's where the interpretation of a celebration comes in for the 4 of Wands. But in this deck, we don't see the party or a celebration, do we? This, to me, is more apropos to the card meaning...because it really shows the silence, calm, and coziness of the after-party scene. After all, going with the numerology aspect of it, the number FOUR is one of temporary peace...or temporary non-movement. Look at any of the FOUR cards: 4 of Cups is stagnant and stuck in emotions; 4 of Pentacles is holding back all belongings; 4 of Swords is often one of a silent, meditative, peacefully resting (if not dead) depiction. So, to me, it always seemed odd that the 4 of Wands was party time! In this deck, the card is more true to form..and it shows peace, calm, and a sense of belonging, of being home...even if for a short time...

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