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Ohh mooncat2!! I think I'm hyperventilating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by mooncat2
Face to face with these words we all have the same first reaction.........Adam & Eve - The garden of Eden.
Three words , snake, man, woman, create a collective response which becomes the source for the interpretation we give.
There is no mention of God, or gardens, or apples indication of what the names of this man and woman are. We automatically add these things ourselves and its all the result of conditioned thinking.............and when we think like that we limit to look further for a deeper understanding and knowledge. We cut ourselves off from our own creative self and our intuitive responses.
Yes! Yes! Yes! We have given power outside of ourselves! What is an idol? A theory, an image an idea that we have given power to. An idol is a conept that can actually inhibit our own personal power or rob us of it.

Your picture gives me shivers!! There is so much emotion in it. Emotion is a word that comes from the Latin initial 'e' meaning "from" and the verb 'movere' meaning 'to move'. So the word emotion literally means 'motion out from'!!! And emotions are the truest source of motion we have. After all, our physical bodies are directed by our inner motion or emotion.


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