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Originally Posted by huredriel
Now I've not actually looked at the title of this symbol properly yet ..... but this really struck me ........ reminded me so strongly of Aries 1 ........ and of course this is 14 ..... number-wise ...... both 1 and 4 standing together!

Beautiful picture too, I love how the elephant is helping to serve or joining in ........ hmmmm *deep memories*.
To be honest, at first this image seemed very superficial and silly. I came across it after a reading exchange with Barb Ahajusts which touched on some sore points and it sort of reflected my longing to get away......have a holiday.
Looked at closer it does have quite a lot more to say.
he rises up out of the water ,now drawing on the masculine/active fire energies.
Goodness..........yes, so it does. Which reminds me that I called my Aries 1 passion and I do believe that is a very powerful emotion can lift you above the fears and help you achieve the seemingly tink says..
So the word emotion literally means 'motion out from'!!! And emotions are the truest source of motion we have. After all, our physical bodies are directed by our inner motion or emotion.
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