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Isn't it amazing how someone else's comments and phrasing sets off triggers of new understanding.
first posted by huredriel
I love how the elephant is helping to serve or joining in
Yes........he is offering nourishment which is essential for growth.

Traditionally the elephant is a symbol for the base so here he can represent the masc energy in a person that wants to get up and go but......

The Rainbow Serpent.......the quite happy drifting and dreaming in her waterhole..........too much so, perhaps. If she isn't going to open her eyes and make a choice for herself then Life will do it for her and not always in the most pleasant of ways.

This was an excellent interpretation , huredriel, at the personal level. .....and actually quite complex as things usually are between two people's different perspectives.
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...if the plate falls, imagine the change of events in this picture, a sudden shift in direction....
It thing that could have happened!!!

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